• Aluminum is unaffected by any levels of ultra violet light penetration and is corrosion resistant. This means that Ledel irrigation pipes and fittings never lose investment value and they have the lowest life cycle cost on investment.
  • Aluminum is lighter than steel but has the same tensile characteristics. It is thus easier to handle, assemble and dismantle resulting with saving on time and labour.
  • The smooth surface finish which is always maintained on the inside diameter helps and maintains pumping efficiency.
  • Maintenance can be carried out on the field without incurring any transport costs. We are fully equipped to repair and recondition aluminum pipes and fittings.


On field repairs and reconditioning of aluminium pipes can be arranged to help you reduce maintenance costs. We can also fabricate any fittings or junction to suit a particular requirement on your irrigation system.


We stock rubber lip seals for your spares requirements.

Damaged or worn-out seals allow water to leak out causing loss of pressure in the system. This will result in excessive energy consumption by the pump and unnecessary wastage of water. It is thus imperative to regularly check and replace worn out or damaged seals to maintain efficiency. The seals allow pipes to be easily coupled and uncoupled.